Bristol CT Hearing Aids

Joanne Cyr-Callaghan, BC-HIS

Bristol Home Hearing Aids is a full-service practice offering the latest in hearing techniques and technology. Bristol does not manufacture its own hearing aids and therefore is impartial to specific solutions and instead focused on finding the best solution for you, at the best price.

Bristol Hearing Aids is owned and operated by Joanne Cyr-Callaghan, a Connecticut-Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. For more than 45 years, Ms. Cyr-Callaghan has worked in the healthcare and hearing industry in Bristol. She is an avid learner who continues education in her field to stay abreast of the latest hearing technologies and practices.  Ms. Cyr-Callaghan is a member of the International Hearing Aid Society, Connecticut Hearing Association and  the Mass Hearing Society.

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