Hearing Aids

Types of Solutions

Standard Behind-the-Ear (BTE):Bristol CT Starkey Hearing Aid These hearing aids are housed in a small curved case that fits behind the ear and is attached by a narrow bit of tubing to a custom earpiece molded to fit your outer ear. BTEs are the largest, most visible type of hearing aid, but newer ones are slimmer and barely visible. These are typically the strongest hearing aids and are appropriate for almost all types of hearing loss and for people of all ages.

Open Canal Mini-BTE: These are smaller behind-the-ear hearing aids. Sound still travels from the instrument through a small tube to the speaker in the ear canal, but they leave the ear open, so there isn’t a ‘plugged up’ feeling some people experience with other BTEs. Open Canal Mini-BTEs are best suited for mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss where low-frequency hearing is still normal.

StarKey Full Shell Bristol CTIn-the Ear (ITE): These fit directly into the external part of your ear. They’re size makes them visible, but it also makes them easier to insert and adjust. ITEs are most helpful for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

StarKey HS Bristol CT Hearing AidsIn-the-Canal (ITC): This type of hearing aid fits partially within the ear canal and is barely visible. Their small size makes them nearly invisible, but adjusting them can be more difficult. Many of these models come with remote controls that make adjusting them easier. ITCs are used for adults with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

StarKey Canal Bristol CTCompletely-In-The-Canal (CIC): These hearing aids are molded to fit deeply within the ear canal. They are the smallest and least visible type of hearing aid. Because they’re sheltered within the ear, it helps cut down on wind noise. CICs can help improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults.

Starkey Custom RIC Bristol Hearing AidsReceiver-In-Canal (RIC): This type of hearing aid fits behind the ear with a narrow tubing attached to a receiver that fits snugly into the ear canal. Most of these hearing aids are virtually invisible.

Product Offerings

Bristol Home Hearing Aids offers a wide range of unbiased solutions including all available options from these manufacturers:

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