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At Bristol Hearing Aids, LLC, we are committed to helping our patients hear better. That means we do more than just sell hearing aids. We'd like to be your hearing healthcare professionals for years to come. From our free evaluations to our risk-free hearing aid trials and our ongoing hearing aid maintenance, we make every part of treating your hearing loss as simple and painless as possible.

Hearing Services

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  • Free Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation: There is no cost to have your hearing tested. We'll evaluate your hearing loss and determine whether you are a candidate for hearing aids.
  • Free Video Otoscopic Examination: Using a device called an otoscope, we'll examine your ears to see if you have earwax or any other issues that would need to be addressed by the appropriate medical professional.
  • Hearing Aid Sales and Service: As an independent hearing aid distributor, we carry hearing aids from all of the major brands. We'll recommend hearing aids to you based on your hearing loss and your lifestyle. We can also adjust your hearing aids and program them to match your specific needs.
  • Free Trial of Hearing Aids: If you aren't sure whether hearing aids are right for you, we'll let you take a pair home for a couple of weeks so you can see what they're like in your everyday life, around the voices you usually hear. This will give you a good idea what you can expect from your own hearing aids.
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  • Custom Earmolds and Fittings: Protecting your hearing will help you avoid future hearing loss. If you tend to spend time around loud noises, such as hunting, live music, or construction sites, we can take custom earmolds to fit you with custom earplugs and other protective devices.
  • Hearing Aid Batteries: We carry batteries for hearing aids of all styles. If you purchase a service package from us, often hearing aids are included in that package.
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  • Hearing Aid Repairs: We are able to offer some hearing aid repairs ourselves in-office. If your hearing aids do need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair work, we will expedite the process, and we keep loaner hearing aids around just in case.
  • Medicaid is Welcome: We are one of the few providers in the Bristol, Massachusetts, area that accepts Medicaid.
  • Free Hearing Healthcare for Veterans: We believe in supporting our veterans. That means that if you get hearing aids from the VA, you can bring those hearing aids to our office and we'll program them with the same care we give all our patients.

Your First Appointment

As soon as you arrive in our office, you'll realize how different it is. We keep it welcoming and intimate, from the comfortable chairs in our waiting room to the smiles on our faces. We always book plenty of time for each patient, so you'll never feel rushed. And we explain every step of the process and answer all your questions to make sure you have all the information you need to make your own decisions about your hearing.

  1. Bring a friend or family member with you. You'll want to have a familiar voice around if we test out any hearing aid demo units. It can also be helpful for your family to learn about your hearing loss and how they can help support you.
  2. Fill out your paperwork. Before you sit down with our hearing instrument specialist, we'll need to gather information from you about what you've noticed and your medical history.
  3. Discuss your hearing situation with our hearing instrument specialist. What have you noticed about your hearing? What environments do you have a hard time hearing in? We'll ask you these questions and more. And we always take the time to really listen to your answers.
  4. Examine your ears visually. Just in case your hearing loss is caused by earwax or something else we can see, we'll take a close look at your ears. If something seems to be medically wrong, we'll recommend that you see a doctor.
  5. Evaluate your hearing. We'll use a series of hearing tests to create an audiogram, a graph that will illustrate your specific hearing loss. This will help us identify how to treat your hearing loss and guess what the cause may be.
  6. Discuss the results. It's essential that you understand your own hearing loss and what your options for treatment are. We break down everything in clear language and give you time to ask us questions.
  7. Make a decision. It's up to you to determine if you're ready for hearing aids or not. We always recommend the hearing aids that we think will be the best fit for you, but your input is key, too.
  8. Purchase hearing aids. If you decide to move forward with hearing aids, then we will either program a pair we have in stock or place an order with the manufacturer.

Follow-up Care

After you get hearing aids, we stay in touch with you to make sure you're satisfied with them and to make any adjustments if necessary. We work especially closely with patients who are wearing hearing aids for the first time. We're in this for the long haul, too — Bristol Hearing Aids has been around for over a decade already, and we will continue providing patients with outstanding hearing healthcare for years to come.

  • First fitting
  • Two-week checkup
  • Four-week checkup
  • Two-month checkup
  • Hearing aid maintenance every six months (ongoing)
  • Hearing test every three years (ongoing)

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